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Concarneau, a walled town located near the campsite

A short drive (15 km) and here you are in Concarneau !

Concarneau, renonwed for its ville close (walled town) and fishing port and steeped in cultural and natural heritage, is buzzing with tourists in the summer.

Walled town and ramparts

Built on an islet in the centre of Concarneau, the walled town and ramparts are without a doubt the most popular tourist attractions.
Start your tour of the town by crossing the drawbridge and take a step back in time when you come face to face with an ancient sundial. Take a stroll along the narrow cobbled streets lined with all kinds of boutiques and restaurants then head for the ramparts for a fabulous view over the port and bay of Concarneau.

Ports of Concarneau

Concarneau has made its living from the fishing industry (sardines, then tuna) for hundred of years and is now the primary economic activity of the town along with its canneries. Other industries have since prospered such as boat construction and summer tourism.
Don’t leave too early and miss the arrival of the fishing boats coming back into the harbour with their daily catch of fish and crustaceans. Or if you are an early bird, take a guided tour of the fish market.
If you have time, take a stroll around the marina next to the walled town and admire the yachts and racing boats setting off on a trans-Atlantic race. Or climb aboard a passenger boat and take a tour of this spectacular bay and the Glénan islands.

Discover Concarneau from another angle

You can also learn all about Concarneau by visiting the fishing museum, the Marinariam or Kériolet castle or take a commented tour on the tourist train or simply relax on one of the beaches or enjoy a walk along the cliffs.