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Pont-L'Abbé, capital of pays Bigouden

Pont-l’Abbé is a town at the heart of Bidouden tradition nestled on the edge of a river. It is steeped in history but is also a trading hub with lots of shops and restaurants lining the streets. Discover the history, heritage and traditions of this pretty town.

A town at the heart of traditions

You can start by crossing the inhabited bridge in the town centre and enjoy the lovely view over the quays.
The Château des Barons du Pont is located nearby. Its donjon houses the Bidouden museum which will take you on a journey to discover Bigouden traditions, furniture, headdresses and delicately embroidered costumes. These traditional costumes and headdresses take pride of place at the embroidery festival which takes place every year at the beginning of July.
If you love a bit of history, head for Lambour church. It’s damaged steeple is a reminder of the town’s turbulent past. You can also visit Notre Dame des Carmes, renowned for its 15th century rose window.
Your trip to Pont l’Abbé wouldn’t be complete without stopping off to admire the famous Monument des Bigoudens, a hommage to men at sea and their wives.

Shopping in pays bigouden

Pont l’Abbé is a great place for shopping too. There are plenty of shops and fascinating boutiques that line the cobbled streets : souvenirs, local products, clothes, jewellery. If you are an art lover or enjoy rummaging for hidden treasures, you’ll be in your element in the antique and bric-a-brac shops dotted around the town.
If you get the chance, head to Pont l’Abbé on a Thursday, and visit the market, one of the biggest in the area. It takes place in the middle of the town centre at Place Gambetta and République. You can meander around the colourful stalls and taste the local produce !

Walks in Pont-L'Abbé

After you have explored the town centre, make your way to the end of the port and join the Chemin du Hallage for a lovely walk along the river. You don’t have to go far before you come across the most glorious scenery and stunning country views.