An exotic paradise within easy reach of the campsite

In Brittany, there’s no need to take a plane to visit an exotic island ! The stunning Glénan islands known as Breton Tahiti are located just 10 miles off the southern coast of Finistère in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Its white sand beaches and turquoise waters will make you feel like you are a million miles away ! So set sail for the Glénan islands.
The crossing takes about an hour from Concarneau. The boat arrives at the main island, St Nicolas, located near 8 other islands and lots of islets. As soon as you step foot on land, you will be blown away by the beauty of the scenery, worthy of a postcard.

This haven of peace where nature is at its finest, is in fact France’s smallest nature reserve. Just stroll around the island and admire the extraodinary fauna and flora. The island is also a nesting site for many bird species and even has its own flower, a unique species called Narcisse des Glénan which carpets the island.

The island is renowned for its sailing and diving school and offers plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. There’s something for everyone : nature lovers can enjoy a nature trip on a yacht or a sea kayak and diving enthusiasts can explore the seabed of this pretty lagoon. If you don’t have sea legs, you can go on a guided tour of the island of St Nicolas or simply soak up the sun on a white sandy beach.